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Electronic Commerce, usually known as Ecommerce, refers to or allows any type of commercial business or industry or any business that makes is sales “electronically” or through the internet.

There are four types of ecommerce:

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer to Business (C2B)

Ecommerce is a large aspect of the internet now, and it’s considered very convenient for consumers compared to the traditional “Brick and Mortar” stores, as there is no limitation in time; you can shop at 3am in the morning or 9pm in the evening. You can also come back to it and usually you will find a wider range and variety of items available in the online store. But there are also some drawbacks to it such as not getting the “item” you want immediately or not being able to feel or try the product you are buying such as when shopping for sofas or when trying a shirt. But slowly and slowly, these drawbacks are getting eliminated- for example, there are now shipping options that allow you to get the product you buy the next days. The numbers of shops that allow you to “return an item” or have a fair “return policy” are continuously increasing as well, allowing consumers to return a product they don’t like, to exchange a product with something else, and so on. As the drawbacks are slowly diminishing, and the advantages are increasing, people are rapidly participating in the profitable ecommerce, even making many “Brick and Mortar” business to switch their business on to the internet to cash in this rapidly increasing ecommerce market.

 There are many ecommerce software’s and   solutions available but it is important you get full advantage when choosing ecommerce software and solutions. If your objective is to sell your products or service online, then you need a successful ecommerce website which will tailor to your needs. Some websites offering ecommerce solutions have a prefixed and predetermined set of list you can choose from when building an online store, such as on your design stage; only a limited number of templates to choose from whereas we offer variety of different options templates you can choose from. 

When you are looking to build an online store, there are some few important things you should look at:

  • Storage Size
  • Transaction Fees
  • Bandwidth
  • # of Products allowance
  • Payment Gateways
  • Mobile Access

In top of that you should also look at what they offer in the following categories:

  • Tools
  • Help and Support
  • Shopping Features
  • Marketing
  • Security

Majority if not all websites offering ecommerce come with different options such as basic, regular and premium, with premium offering the most and with complete options, and basic the least and with limited options. It is a common mistake to assume that you need “premium” to make your business “tick”, because depending on your business, the max you may need is “regular option”. Different websites have different features for each of their option, but it’s important to note which one you would need at most. For example, if you plan to sell 100 – 200 items a month, then it would be no point for you to choose “premium option” that allows you to list and sell unlimited number of products a month where as “basic option” only allowing you to sell 500 products maximum a month. In this case basic option would be more suited to you but of course you have to note other things as well. If marketing, storage size and 24/7 support is more important to you and your business and is not covered in the “basic option” then you should look at higher or other options that are available. They will be more expensive but maybe an important requirement. You do not need to worry about “what you plan on doing later”; if you plan to expand in the future and will need a “premium option” then any good ecommerce softwares and solutions website like us will always allow you to upgrade from your basic option, any time you feel like you need “upgrading”.

As specialist in the ecommerce field, you can be sure you will receive the best service from our experienced and professional team in Australia. Our Ecommerce Website of Australia gives you variety of options and selections so that you can build a successful ecommerce site with ease. If you are thinking to create an ecommerce website for Australia and need a “” domain name- we can even provide you with that. We have many Australian payments gateway options so even your local customers can have a great experience and shop hassle free using their favourite payment option. Not to worry, if you also have international customers, as we also provide with solution to handle payments and shipment for your international customers.

We also have a free trial for your ecommerce website that we build so that you can experience the successful and professional ecommerce website that we will create for you and only when you are full satisfied can decide to continue using us. There are many free ecommerce website and other ecommerce providers that offer free trials but you need to ensure there is no “hidden obligation” behind it and to ensure that, you have completely look at what they offer in their “free” ecommerce site, and that they are no obligations if you do not want to continue, or if you want to change to a different site or a different ecommerce website solutions. With us, we work with you from the very beginning, and if you are unhappy with something, or if you have any questions or support you need- we will always be here to help and work you with anything you need.

We also have ecommerce solution for your wordpress website with customisable templates, variety of payment gateway options, inventory managements, shipping solutions for both your local and international customers and many more. Have a look at our website where we have the solution for you- with variety of different services and packages and with our specialist, experienced and professional team, your ecommerce website build by us, is only deemed to succeed. We are a complete “Ecommerce” solution for you.


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