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When you have a web site, being able to communicate visually about the core services or products by your company is essential in ensuring that your online presence is successful. Graphic design companies incorporate images or videos and texts and audios, and combine technology and art to communicate the various ideas and information to the intended audience. Graphic designers are able to add the elements of typography’ appropriately fill the white space or add some images to convey a message by choosing and organizing and creating those unique designs. Consider this for a minute: the mobile phone you are currently using has been specifically designed to enhance user experience. Have you ever been awed by the intricacies that goes into creating such an efficient mobile gadget? Have you ever wondered the work that goes into creating that particular text or font in the machine you are using? Have you ever been amazed by the pixels or the resolution that makes your images appears so vividly?

Graphic design is incorporated in our daily life, and since the internet has increasingly become a major part of our lives, the web has also included graphic design in their web site designs to organize information, stimulate the interests of the potential customers, inform about the products and unique services provided by the company, helps the major search engines to locate your web site for the searchers, persuades the viewers to stay longer on your web site,  attract the hard to earn attention of your customers, helps to identify your company in the search results and ultimately provides a positive experience if your web site is built with all the appropriate techniques and includes all the important key elements.

William Addison Dwiggins first coined the term “graphic design” in 1992. The illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to Rome’s Trajan’s Column to the caves of Lascaux all have graphic design like activities and the20th and the 21st century have seen an explosion of visual communication. Consumerism has risen and together with it the growth of the graphic design industry. Through effective visual communication, you are able to sell your idea or your product to your customers, regardless of your area of operation. It is included in the text, the color or the packaging of your products, and on elements of your company identity like logos. All these together are defined as branding which is also a form of marketing communication  that helps you to communicate, encourage and persuade your audience, whether they are watching it, reading it or listening to it, to take an action. A graphic design company will also provide the service of branding, because along corporate identity, it is one of the most important aspect of a company. However, one should not mistaken branding and corporate identity as the same side to a coin, for branding refers to a trade name or an identifying mark for a service or a product; whereas corporate identity has a broader meaning from the company’s external image to the ethos of a company or the structure of the company. The presentation and stylization of preexisting images or text is included in graphic design. Although typography and image are the main tools, there are also many other tools used in graphic design to convey your message.

Designs based on type/text

Words have an amazing power to convey a simple message in a strong and bold way. To present valuable information in a visual form in print or sign, graphic designers are the expert for they know the importance of the look of the text just as the meaning of that text. The evaluation of their decisions depends entirely on the type based design they are targeting for their audience and the message they want to convey.


Designs based on image

Images are an incredible tool for communicating information that is not only compelling but also powerful in changing the moods and the attention of the viewers. For instance, you know that the Sahara desert is hot, and this common knowledge in combination with the image of a scorching desert creates a vivid visual pun. Image based designs can either be graphically rendered, painted, photographic or even drawn.


Designs based on user experience

Designs are developed according to how users perceive a product or a service and also based on their human-computer interaction. They have to take into account they way users respond and interact to an interface, and based on that information, adjust their designs accordingly.


Designs based on user interface

It is commonly referred to as a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and focusing on the user’s interaction and experience, designs are developed for websites or mobile communication devices or computers. The design must be created that is easily accessible by the users, adaptable to the ever changing needs of the users, operational across different platforms and must balance all the visual elements and the technical functionality.


Text and image

In order to explore many of the creative opportunities available with images (whether it is illustration, art, or photography) and typography (words), graphic designers combine these two elements to more appropriately and effectively communicate the messages intended by the businesses or organizations to their respective audience.


Logos and symbols

Some highly concise information forms are the logos and the symbols. Logos are corporate identity based on typographical word treatment commonly used by individuals or organizations or even corporate enterprises in order to be instantly recognized among the general public, whereas symbols are the representation of an identity or an idea in an abstract way, or represents a visual image.


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