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We are a creative and complete web design company in Melbourne. Having years of experience in the industry, we are able to deliver results you and others strive for. As having studied and researched the Melbourne and having a keen interest in it, we have ensured that we are the one of the best design studio in Melbourne providing you with complete solution for your website design needs in Melbourne.

As being the complete web design studio in Melbourne, our professional team include the following specialists:

  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Logo Designers

Our team of Graphic Designers in Melbourne are an expert in creating unique an engaging design making a positive difference to your company. We can help you with your very specific requirement- whether it is for a simple yet crisp design or whether it be different type of arts and imagery specific to your business. Our Melbourne specialist in Graphic Design with years of experience have allowed us to create amazing and stunning design with a variety of different forms including brochures and leaflets, printed media, packaging, magazines, billboards and so on.


We all know how important a “Logo” can be to your business. Logo is what defines you and ultimately you want people to recognise you and your company just by looking at your logo. Your business logo will appear on all your company’s marketing efforts, other promotional events and programs and even in social media; basically everywhere related. People need to love it when they look at your logo- you need to love it. The logo represents “you” and it is a key aspect to your business.

Before we work on your logo, we first get to know you and your company. We work with your from the very beginning to ensure that we create a logo that is truly remarkable for your company’s identity. Other web design studios may know “what to include” but may not know “what to avoid” for your logo design. Apart from knowing the crucial elements of a logo, we also know what to avoid when designing your logo proofed by our very satisfied and successful clients in Melbourne.

Some of the few things to avoid in a logo design are:

  • Hiring a Rookie Designer: “You get what you pay for” is often applicable to many things in life and is no different here.  If you ask an amateur designer to do your logo work because it is cheap then you will get exactly what you pay for- amateur work.  Or if you get too many designs for a really cheap price, then do not expect those designs to “wow” you. In this highly competitive world, if you want something that is of very high quality of standard then you will need to hire someone who is specialist and professional in their field. Yes some are professional but try to rip you off, but they are few like us who promise to deliver the high quality work you are looking for at affordable prices.
  • Copyright designs: Again, “You get what you pay for” comes in mind.  If you found a company or an individual willing to create your company’s logo for cheap in a fairly short time, then expect something to be off. As a result, the design studio or designer you hire in Melbourne for cheap, did create a logo for your company in a really short time which is very appealing and that you are happy with, but it may later end up upsetting and you might even get in trouble if you later find out that the logo created for you turned out to be a very similar logo of some other company; a copyrighted logo.
  • Too much info: People often confuse and interchange “brand” with “logo”. Logo is a very important aspect to your business, it is how people recognise your company but it is not your brand. Logo is a symbol, a mark that represents your business where as Brand is what your company stands for, like a reputation and impression it leaves to the individual when he or she thinks about your company.
    So it is not to your advantage, putting all your company’s info or your company’s products and services in your company’s logo; your brand and marketing efforts will cover that. For example if your company sells spare parts for cars, and they also sell accessories and also provide with “fixing services”- then it doesn’t mean that you have to put all those elements in your logo. Putting in all elements will not only make your logo less appealing but may also sway away potential clients.
  • Unnecessary Info: Many companies are now looking to simply their logo, not only to make their logo more appealing but to make your logo more professional. For example Google did that with their main logo and also with their Google Chrome browser logo, cutting off unnecessary elements with fewer gradients and effects.  So information such as your business address, time of operation and so on does not only look very unprofessional and unnecessary but it is also very unappealing.
  • Flexible Logo: Your website logo needs to be flexible and “work” in all forms of media and therefore it is advisable to make your logo simple or so rather than adding too much gradients, elements, illustrations, and so on, as it might make it difficult when viewing with a different from of media such as when printing your logo. If your logo contains moving visuals then it might difficult for the end user to view your logo if he or she for example is using a smartphone (without flash) to view your logo or even from his or hers computer or laptop.

Our web designers in Melbourne will create a high quality website for you using the latest and updated technology to create a unique website for your specific requirement targeting your audience and engaging potential clients in very appealing visual design. We have variety of options to suit every individual’s requirements; whether you are a thinking to create a new site or updating and upgrading your existing website. As being a Creative Agency in Melbourne, we try to use creativity in combination with other strategies to produce something that is extraordinary to your business, which will leave a lasting impression to visitors coming to your site.


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