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The coding or the programming that enables the functionality of a web site according to the owner’s requirement is known as the web development. Tasks involved with developing websites for hosting through the internet or a private network (the intranet) is also referred to as the web development. Web development has been rapidly increasing for companies and businesses who want to reach beyond their borders by selling the products and portraying their services over the internet. A web development company now has the advantage of utilizing the ever increasing set of tools and technologies that help them build web sites for their clients that ultimately earn profit for their companies. Web development tasks in not only limited to building web sites but it also includes web content development which is the process of gathering information, researching, editing or organizing all the information for the publication on web sites; e-commerce development where the function of buying and selling in carried out over computer networks or other electronic systems like the internet; network security configuration which is a set of policies adopted by a network administrator in order to avoid or prevent any misuse of the publications or any unauthorized access to those publications; web design which is usually the maintenance and the production of web sites, and other tasks. Since it mainly includes coding and writing mark up, web development is the non-design aspect of building the web sites.

Web development ranges from building extremely complex web based internet applications, social network services or electronic business applications to creating plain text pages. Although web development can be divided into many areas, it consists of a basic 3 level hierarchy such as:

Client side coding: since it is available for the clients, XHTML executions are stored in a web browser (on a local client). HTML on a local client can be altered and the ability to refresh the pages with locally updated content is made possible due to the nature of the client side coding. Some of the other items in a client side coding are:

Microsoft Silverlight- enables high definition video playback, animation and vector graphics which are programmed using .NET programming languages and XAML

Adobe Flash- a software platform and a multimedia for creating RIAs (rich internet applications), games, animations and etc that can be executed, viewed and played in Adobe Flash Player.


JavaScript- a universal platform for delivering and creating web applications that able to operated on a wide variety of different devices.


CSS3 and HTML5- Silverlight and Flash are other frameworks that support the functionality of a client-side coding.

Server side coding: requirements and problems of reliability, usability, quality or the maintenance are addressed as more established practices and disciplines are taken advantage of. For the development of universally usable and high quality web based applications and systems, web engineering promotes the disciplined, quantifiable and systematic approach. Web engineering surrounds contributions from areas such as software engineering, user interface, graphic design, information engineering and uses software engineering principles. Some of the items include:

Java-is specifically designed to have as less implementation dependencies as possible and is a computer programming language (designed to communicate instructions to the machine).

Python- it emphasizes code readability and supports multiple computer programming and is a high-level and general-purpose programming language. Although it is often used in a wide range of non-scripting context, it is also often used as a scripting language.

Ruby- it has an automatic memory management and a dynamic type system. It is general purpose programming language, including object oriented (that have methods and data fields).

Lotus Domino (IBM server) - it provides a custom application platform, collaboration capabilities and etc.

Active Server Packages (ASP) - for dynamically generated web pages, ASP was Microsoft’s first server-side script engine.


PHP- although it is used as a general purpose programming language, it was specifically designed for web development.


Database technology:

FileMaker- with a GUI based interface, it integrates a database engine and is a cross platform relational database.

Oracle Database- it is a database management system with an object oriented database model and is similar to a relational database.

Sybase- is a service and enterprise software company that offers software to analyze, mobilize, and manage information using mobile applications development platforms, data warehousing and analytics solutions and relational databases.

There are web developers that provide services to help you maintain or built your web sites. They have the basic skills of copywriting or the information architecture ensuring that your web site is performing well, can be easily accessed across different platforms, web browsers or screen resolutions and most importantly appears often for search engine optimization. If your web design has incorporated all the key elements and follows the guidelines set by the search engines, you company’s web site’s chances of ranking high in the search engine’s search results increases.  Web design or graphic design is also one of the tasks in the web development, and an interesting web design is equally important. Web development has to take into consideration all the various security concerns such as encryption, data entry error checking through forms and filtering output. In order to generate more traffic to your web page, you need to have an easy navigation system, products that are easy to find or content that is intriguing and easy to understand. A great web development ensures that the visitors will efficiently find the products of interest by building a visually appealing web site that is not only user friendly, but also has an effective search engine.


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