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Prioritise SEO issues and decide what to fix
Quickly see how user friendly your website is.
Find and fix SEO mistakes
Make sure your website is safe and secure.
Analyse Site Performance and Social popularity.

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The report grades your website based on the strength of various SEO factors such as On Page Optimisation, Off Page Links, Social and more. The overall Grade is on a A+ to F- scale, with most major, industry leading websites in the A range. Improving your grade will generally make your website perform better for users and rank better in search engines. There are recommendations for improving your website at the bottom of the report. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to help with improving your website’s SEO!

SEO optimisation is important to ensure you are driving traffic to your site via search engines, we will give you an overall SEO score based upon the latest factors.

The usability of your website across desktop and mobile devices is important to maximise user time on page.

The tool analyses performance of the website and server loading speed.

Security is important to ensure your site doesn’t get compromised, we’ll report on how secure your website is according to industry leading security agencies.

Social Activity is important for brand awareness and repeat visitors, we can see how active your site is or isn’t.

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Audit

Your keywords aren’t the only thing the Search Engines look at when they decide where to rank your website. Keyword ranking is only one piece of the Search engine puzzle. If you want to maximise your search visibility and boost the amount of quality, organic traffic to your website, then a website audit will identify the steps you need to take.

What’s Included in this Free Website Analysis

This SEO analysis will be delivered directly to your inbox moments after you request it. It will provide you with a performance summary and a grade. After viewing you this report, you’ll know:

How well your site is doing overall
Where you need to improve
The required action steps
A list of priorities to move forward

Find and Fix SEO Issues

There’s a lot that goes into building and maintaining a website. There are common mistakes and oversights many companies make that hurt their search visibility. An audit will identify these SEO issues, so you will be equipped with the information you need to boost your ranking in Google and the other search engines.

You’ll find out if your site has the following problems:

Duplicate content
Broken links
Title tag issues
Missing or duplicate meta descriptions

In all, we’ll check for close to two dozen issues and share with you how serious each one is so that you’ll know best how to move forward.

Evaluation of the User Experience

Find out how user-friendly your website is on multiple devices, including mobile. If you have a high bounce rate, for example, that tells the search engines that your website isn’t providing a positive experience, and your rankings will suffer.

Did your web developer consider the mobile experience when designing your site? Do mobile visitors think your site is easy to use, or is it overly hectic and messy? You’ll find out by getting this complimentary website audit.

Your site should be easy to navigate. It should include breadcrumbs and convenient access to the home page. That way users don’t get lost or frustrated, which will make them leave the site. Your branding should be consistent on all pages, especially the home page. A confused mind won’t buy, let alone browse your site.

Security Check

No one wants their site to get hacked or compromised. It’s expensive and time-consuming to fix, it potentially damages your reputation, and it can lead to extensive financial losses, especially if you do a lot of business online.

That’s why our SEO analysis report comes with a security check. We’ll report on how secure your website is according to industry-leading security agencies. If your website is vulnerable, we can help you devise a plan to make it stronger.

Review Social Media Activity

The link between social media and SEO isn’t always obvious. After all, how could posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube help your SEO score?

Here’s one example of how it works: by creating valuable content and sharing it on your social media channels, you’ll get a wide variety of credible sites to link back to your website. Not only do you get more backlinks, but you’ll also naturally get more traffic as a result. When that happens, your site is signaling to Google that your content is useful. That, in turn, will help you rank higher.

And that’s not all. If you’re a local business, then you have an amazing opportunity. Social websites like Yelp and WOMO are heavily indexed by the Search Engines. Have you ever noticed that if you type a search query like, “best restaurant near me” into the Google search bar that a review site is at or near the top of the search results?

That means if you have an active profile, it’s easier for your business to get found. Make sure that your information, especially your address and contact information, are consistent across all of these properties for maximum exposure.

Our SEO audits will take a look at what you’ve done so far and provide recommendations to increase your website rankings using social media.

Analysis of Key Metrics

Find out what keywords your site is ranking for. It might not be what you expected, and this section of the report is often an eye-opener. The report will include tips on what you can do to improve, whether it’s creating or updating meta descriptions and title tags, fixing missing alt tags or developing a content marketing strategy to encourage organic search traffic.

You will also discover opportunities you might not have known existed. For example, we’ll tell you how many sites are linking back to your website. These are called backlinks. If you don’t have a lot of backlinks, then engaging in an outreach program to encourage other websites to put a link to your site on one of their pages can yield fast results.

Identify SEO Errors

Crawl errors are relatively common, and you won’t necessarily you know you have them unless you’re using an SEO reporting software like Webmaster Tools. If you’re not familiar with the term, a crawl error is when the search engine can’t reach a page on your website.

The larger and older your site is, the more likely you are to have this type of error. If someone deleted a page or changed the URL of a page without setting up a redirect, then the Search Engines won’t be able to find the page, which causes the user to get an error.

It can be tedious to fix these errors, but if the key pages of your site are experiencing this issue, then it needs to be addressed promptly. For example, imagine that a major site like The Huffington Post or the Daily Mail mentioned your product or service on their website, but they listed a link that’s no longer published. That flood of traffic would end up on a page on your website that showed them an error instead of the information they were looking for.

Analyse Site Performance

If a user visits your website, and it doesn’t load immediately, they’re likely to leave. Worse, they’re likely to press the back button on their browser and visit your competitor instead.

There are a lot of factors that determine how quickly your site loads, and your free online SEO report will provide a detailed summary of each. You’ll find out if your image files are too large, whether they’re improperly formatted, or maybe you’ll discover that there are simply too many of them. There could even be an issue with how your site was originally coded!

We’ll help get to the bottom of it, so your site will win the speed race more often.

Competitive Analysis

Do you ever wonder how your website stacks up against your competitors? Now you can access a full SEO report to see how well the competition is doing, too. Find out how fast their pages load, what errors they have, if their site is mobile friendly, and more.

You might find out that you’re ahead of the game, and that’s excellent news. Let’s make sure you keep the lead. On the other hand, you could discover that you’re way behind and your competitors are outranking you. We’ll give you the action steps to get your SEO metrics on track.

A Customised PDF Report

It’ll be delivered (almost) instantly to your inbox. The contents will be concise and straightforward, so you’ll see at a glance how well your site is doing, and you’ll know right away which SEO issues need to be addressed. You’ll receive a grade for each key topic with recommended action steps.

Use this report as a project management tool or contact us if you need help completing the tasks.

About Your Goals

It’s probably safe to guess that your goal is to improve your website’s SEO strategy to get more traffic. But you might not know where to start. Before using this SEO auditing tool, many of our clients would take a seemingly random, haphazard approach to improving their metrics.

They’d often start by adding content to their pages to improve their on-page SEO. Then they would begin adding and modifying alt tags and meta descriptions, but without a keyword strategy, that plan won’t yield the best results. What they lacked was a consistent plan and an understanding of how each tactic contributed to them achieving their goals.

Despite these initial setbacks, we always remind our clients that a low SEO score isn’t their fault. There are a lot of SEO tools available, and not all of them are easy to use or provide clear instructions on what to do.

When you receive your complimentary online SEO report, you’ll finally get an idea of where you need to start in order to open the traffic floodgates and ensure that your visitors have a positive experience. For example, you’ll find out if SEO errors are holding you back or if what you should really focus on is link building.

Next Steps

What’s Your Grade? Do you get an A+? Or maybe a C? The reality is that to get found online in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, you need an A. Even if your SEO score is an F, hope is not lost.

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